Congratulations to 2010 Pask award Winners Elisabeth Hendrickson, and Liz Keogh!

I could not be happier to see these find ladies recognized for their work. And as a ‘tester’ myself it’s also fantastic to see two other very ‘test’ oriented folks recognized for their excellent work.

For those not familiar with it, the Gordon Pask Award is intended to bring greater visibility and recognition to members of the Agile community, for recent contributions to Agile practice which deserve to be more widespread.

The Gordon Pask Award recognizes two people whose recent contributions to Agile Practice make them, in the opinion of the Award Committee, people others in the field should emulate. In order that people might emulate them, the Agile Alliance will award each recipient a grant of USD 5000 to fund their work and help them gain additional exposure. In order to grow the next generation of Agile thought leaders, the Award is given to people who the selection committee believes have the potential to bring revolutionary, exciting or groundbreaking ideas to the agile community and change the way agilists work.

Elisabeth may be familiar to many of you from her ‘Test Obsessed’ blog and other work. (and if not, you need to go read her blog at your earliest chance, there’s a lot of good content there). She is also a big proponent of ATDD — Acceptance Test Driven Development.

You can read her thoughts in winning the award here

Liz Keogh is often thought of (along with Dan North) as a co-founder of BDD, she’s a driving force behind the JBehave java based BDD tool, as well as promoting and training folks on BDD

Liz’s bog on the award
These two ladies can teach us all a lot about how test works with Agile development teams, and it’s just wonderful to see them recognized like this.

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